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What about the beautiful ennui?  Who is she, this mysterious creature?!  What compels her to write these horrible stories?

Yes. . .  I am very secretive and shrouded in mystery.  I like being mysterious. *smile*  I just like to write.  I'd rather not put anything here about myself but I get enough email that I thought I should try to.

I don't want to live out any of my stories.  Just because I write about things like that doesn't mean I want to actually do it.  Okay?  I don't really want to be raped by Satan or boil people in Krazy Glue.


What do you look like?

My friend Abbadon Paintshoped this cute picture of me into oblivion, of what I would look llike if I was a goth (which i'm really not, I'm a bio-nerd!)

What do your tits look like?

They look exactly like this:  (*)(*)  Yes!  Really!  :)  Ummmm. . .  okay. . . . . .  You can click here if you want to see an actual JPG picture of them.

What would you look like if you had sex with 30's movie star, Peter Lorre?

Like this!  I'm a huge Peter Lorre fan.  My favorite Peter Lorre films are Mad Love, M, The Beast with Five Fingers, and The Face Behind the Mask.   And here's some more Lorre porn.   My friend Glen from the Peter Lorre list made these.

What is it about you and The Story of O?

I love the Story of O!!!  I love it so much.  You should go read the book at the Candace in Chains webpage.  If you like bondage stories, this is the one.  It's too deep for some people.  It is very psychological.  I typed in the HTML version that's on the internet at a bunch of sites.  I'll make a link from here to just about anybody that puts Story of O on their webpage.  :)  I used to have it on here, but I wanted people to read my stories, not just Story of O.  And then last April, KOB-TV called my webpage "disturbing," so I thought I ought to try not to make anybody mad at me.

If you want to read an awesome review of Story of O, you should read the one by feminist writer Andrea Dworkin on her Woman-Hating webpage.  I started to write my own critique of it.  I'm going to finish it and put it on here eventually.

To me, Story of O is a horror story.  When I read it the first time, I kept thinking, oooooh, this is going to be like a romance story except they have whips and chains and stuff!  But it's not.  It's a very disturbing story about how women love men and what it is inside that makes us want to submit to them.

You should also read True Love by Kathleen Hannah from the rock band Bikini Kill.  It's a tiny little story poem that makes you think about what love does to people.

 I'm basically writing for my own fun so I don't care if it's really commercial or not.

One of my stories, A Race for Maidens was accepted by Maryane Mohanraj's e-zine, Clean Sheets, for their June 1999 issue.  You can still find it on there, in their archive.  I might put it back on the Dungeon here once they get through having fun with it.


What are all these weird pictures?

All of the art pictures decorating the backgrounds on this webpage are by H.R. Giger.  I'm sure they're copyrighted but he placed most of them on the web himself.  You can find them all over the place, and he hasn't complained to anybody on the net.  You can see more of his art at The H.R. Giger Page and at various other places on the web, easily found through a search engine.  The cobweb background was created by my friend Trid, for my story Downward Spiral.

About the Eros Writing Workshop

I'm on the EROS Writer's workshop.  It's an online writer's workshop mailing list for people that want to write erotica.  If you are a writer, and you are interested in writing smut, like me, you might want to consider joining EROS.  I've had a lot of fun being on it.

Another good one is Duana's DarkEros workshop, for writers of dark erotica. It's not as big as EROS, but it's more focused on dark erotica. Dark really pushes a lot of people's buttons the wrong way. Especially baby boomers.

These are both great workshops for writers. They're not for people that only want to read stories

#Gothic.Nights is dead!!!!!!!!!!!

*Sob*.  It's really sucks, too.  So. . . you won't find me there anymore.  Nobody will be there at all!  The op who ran it became disgusted with IRC, so he put the whole channel on autokick for anybody that tries to go in.  Nowadays, I'm on #GothicS&M or #Punk_Sex, (no they're not sex channels they just have weird names) and also on #Writers&Poets, which is on DALnet IRC, usually after 10pm PDT.  Ask if they've seen Annabelle.


I love hearing from people about which stories they like and what I could do to make a story better.  I don't mind criticism as long as it's constructive and not just mean.  Please leave me email at

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