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Are the flies annoying you?  Poor dear.  They are indeed the angels of corruption.

(If you can't see the flies, it probably means you don't have Netscape 4.0).

11/25/2000 My newest  erotic horror story is up at Pillow Screams

Well, I cancelled my plans to start a webzine.  I barely have time to manage even this little webpage.

I have a new story named Sweet but Deadly, now available at the webzine Blood Moon/Pillow Screams.  (Blood Moon and Pillow Screams have merged.)  GO READ IT NOW!!!!!  I want them to get lots of hits from my webpage.  I want anybody that publishes my stories to know that I HAVE CLOUT!   I want them to know that If they publish me, they get lots of hits from my wbpage.  So, if you've never been to my webpage before, go read Sweet but Deadly first then come back and read the rest of my stories here.  (Please?)

The Dungeon has now had almost half a million hits.  This makes my dorky little webpage one of the hottest writing spots on the net.  How cool!  I wonder if Stephen King gets this many.  Maybe he's pissed off about it.  Maybe people will start expecting me to actually be a good writer if this keeps up.  God, won't they be disappointed!  I WRITE TRASH!!!  I know this because a TV news show in New Mexico said so.  News people are always right.  Anyway, people seem to really like my trash.

I'm talking to somebody about a *GASP* possible book deal!  I'm preparing ten stories for an anthology by Carl Hose, editor of Cold Storage.

The Story of O by Pauline Reage is no longer here.  As soon as somebody else puts it on their webpage, I'll link to it from here.

This webpage is full of depraved erotic stories.  However, I don't think of myself as a porn writer.  I try to write good stories that just happen to be too erotic for the mainstream.  Some of them are quite disturbing.  I'm sorry if you came here looking for pikchurs.  We don't have any.  Just stories and poems!   I also have some classic horror stories, like Dracula and Carmilla (You must read Carmilla!).

is my pen name.

Warning: The stories on this webpage are often
disturbing.  You have been warned!
(evil cackle).

Sheesh, haven't I warned you enough, already?  Oh, okay...

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