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I try to put the newest ones on the very top with a little blinking "new" thingy, and then the ones I like best underneath that. I think the best ones are Downward Spiral, Races, Lump of Coal, Convent and Dr. Booble. 

The smuttiest ones are Popsicle, Taste, Races and Convent.

The scariest ones are Downward Spiral and Hopeless and maybe Dr. Booble.

I have a bunch of new stories coming soon.  I just have to finish up a few things and put them up!

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Downward Spiral
Erotic Horror.  A long story about a woman who is treated like shit by her boyfriend, and it makes her twisted and possessive.  This story got me onto the Internet's Sickest Sites List.  Neewwman at Sickest Sites said it was a cross between Anais Nin and Franz Kafka.  *swooooooon* :) :) :)  This is probably my best story.  When I read it now, I can see all kinds of mistakes I made when I wrote it, but it's such an emotional story!  I wrote it when I was very depressed over a relationship, so I took it out by writing this.  A friend of mine (Trid) made this cool cobweb background for it.  I've got a couple of animated gifs in here too.  This took me a long time to write but I learned a lot.

(I took this story down until I can get time to rewrite parts of it.)
Erotic Horror.  This story is way too gory for some people.  I had some friends that didn't talk to me the same after they read it.  It is very depressing and bloody.  It's about a serial killer that takes a runaway teenage prostitute and makes her his sex slave, then tries to make her help him kill people.  It's a really good story, I think.

The Lump of Coal
Erotic humor.  Everybody loves this story.  It's about Santa Claus, and what happens to those girls that don't make the nice list.  (Remember, he keeps two lists!)

A Love Letter to Dr. Booble
Erotic Humor.  This story has an even longer true story behind it.  I got into a stupid argument with somebody on the EROS list that thought erotic/gothic horror stories were sick and that I belonged in a mental institution.  *sigh*  Well, I did a websearch for "definition of erotica" on Alta-Vista, so I could get something to paste at him, and it gave me the webpage of some college professor who writes about erotica.  (I changed his name to Dr. Booble for this story because I didn't think he'd like me using his real name.)  Well, he sounded like he had a sense of humor, so I wrote him this love letter as a joke, just to see what he would say.  (I did NOT KNOW this guy at all!).

A Race for Maidens
This is a smut story with incest.  It was published before in the June issue of Maryanne Mohanraj's E-zine, Clean Sheets.  It's still there if you look in their archive.  It's about a girl from Boston who goes with her family to see Paris in the 19th century.  She is totally delusional about what her father and Paris are like, and she thinks that this is her big chance to get away from her family and live life.  There was an English professor on EROS that read this story and just really went nuts over it and made me feel really special.  He analyzed all the symbols in it for me.  And he recommended it to Maryanne, too.   :)

Another Night at the Convent
Erotic Horror/Humor.  A nun writes a letter about something terrible that happened to her.

I ALMOST sold this one.  There was an ezine that had an advertisement that said they'd pay $40 for submissions, so I tried sending it to him.  Well, he loved it. . . but when I said ok, here's where you send the money, he told me "Oh, you misunderstand. . .  I wish I had actual money to pay you. . ."  I really would have let him have it for free if he didn't make me feel like I was getting jerked around.  I was so pissed off!!  I gave this guy my name and address and personal information because I believed his ad.  Later, he found me on #Gothic.Nights on IRC and started telling me about how he was married but he keeps a submissive sex slave girlfriend in California, and he is just curious, where do I get all these sexy ideas for my stories. . .  *groan!*  Yeah!  Like, shag-a-delic baaaay-B!  And the most embarassing part:  I even told my mom, "Hey guess what, Mom!  I'm going to get a check in the mail from an internet porn company!  Can you cash it for me?"  And then I got screwed on it.  I felt so stupid.  I didn't just look like a whore to my mom, I was a stupid whore!  Blech.  Oh yeah, this same guy. . . he sent out a mass e-mail to a bunch of people (including me) saying that I was spreading false rumors about him going bankrupt.  Then a couple of months later he sent me email saying he would pay me for the story, but all he could afford was five dollars.  I told him no, but thank you, but you're free to link to my page if you want.  I thought that was polite and mature after all of that.  I don't need to sell anything that bad.

A Taste
Smut.  Kind of serious.  A threesome story.  Leila's boyfriend is a toad, and his friends are even worse.  Everybody seems to like it. . .  I think I should rewrite this sometime.  I never posted this one on EROS.  I think I left some [comments] in it by accident, heheheh. . .

Leda and the Duck
Humor.  No sex!  Just a cute true story about a girl and her pet duck :)

The Prom Dress
Horror.  Rated PG.  No sex, but very scary.  This story was published on the webzine Fear of the Dark. for Halloween 1999.

Cyndi's Birthday
A shrinking fetish story with no sex.  I've got a friend Andrew Nellis who also writes erotic horror stories.  He's got a bunch of people who worship him because he writes stories about giants and shrinking people.  I don't get it, but I guess it's a real fetish for some men.  I would have thought it was a joke before I met Andrew.  I can't really get into it, but I thought I could try writing one for his messageboard as a joke, and see what it was like ;)  It's kinda cute.  No real sex in this story.

My Favorite Popsicle
Pure smut, hehehe!. . .  I guess I wanted to try writing something that was just plain pornography that the people on EROS would actually like.  I think I might try to sell this some time.  I guess it's the most normal porn story I have.

My (Untrue) New Year's Eve
A little joke story I wrote.  Somebody on EROS complained when I wrote a TRUE New Year's Eve Story because she thought it wasn't writing, it was just bragging.  (No, I am NOT going to post that one here... dat's private!)  So I wrote a funny one that was totally untrue!

Rippy's Weird Neighbor
Erotic Horror/Humor.  This is actually kind of PG-13.  I wrote it for some friends of mine that liked to write horror/snuff type stories.  Rippy is a real person!  He told us in a channel on IRC one night about this weird neighbor of his and how he thought the guy might be murdering people.  He was really all worried about it!  So I surprised him with this story.


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